Hoodoo Candle Magick - March 1, 2024


Hoodoo, variously called Conjure and Rootwork, is as system of spiritually informed magical practices which largely originated in the American South and has had a large influence on the practices of witchcraft in the United States. 
An eclectic fusion of influences from West African spirituality, Native American herbalism, Jewish Mysticism, as well as the folk magic of Europe and the Pennsylvania Dutch coalesced on the back of slavery in the new world to create the powerful and unique magical system which is Hoodoo. 
In this session we will discuss the history, methodology, and magic of Hoodoo, including the use of magical powders and oils, the importance of the crossroads, techniques of candle magic, and the crafting of mojo bags.

Price: 45.00

Time: 7:30pm

Location: 96 Boston Street, Salem MA 01970

Date: March 1, 2024

After you purchase your ticket, please send your phone number to davidn418@yahoo.com. We will only use it in case we need to contact you regarding this class.