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Welcome to the Hermetic Arts

Learning Center

This site is dedicated to teaching and preserving the sacred wisdom and knowledge handed down to us through the Western Esoteric Traditions, which have taken on the forms and disciplines known as Qabalah, Theurgy, Hermetics, Alchemy, Astrology, Witchcraft and Magick.

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David Newman and Maria Carles are available for Astrology, Tarot Readings, and Private Instruction at the Hermetic Arts Learning Center, 96 Boston St., Salem MA 01970. 
Contact us at davidn418@yahoo.com.

Upcoming Classes

Mastering the Tarot

By David Newman

Hekate; the Goddess of Magick and Witchcraft

By Dr. Laurie Bizzaro

SCRYING: The Art and Tools of Seeing the Unknown

By Jacq Civitarese

Devotional Practices: Altars, Offerings and Majick Work

By Jacq Civitarese

Principles of Alchemy

By David Newman and Dr. Maria Carles

Protection Majick: Beginners Guide

By Jacq Civitarese

Working with the Saints and Orishas

By Dr. Maria Carles

Coming Soon!

The Cabot Gaming Board

By Rev. Laurie Cabot and Rev. Jacq Civitarese

Reading the birth chart

By Dr. Maria Cabot and David Newman

Palmistry Series; 
Introduction to Palmistry, Intermediate Palmistry and Advanced Palmistry

The Bóveda, Altar of Espiritismo;

 Working with the Ancestors

Babalawo Irete Wan Wan

Cabot Witchcraft I in Spanish/

Brujeria Cabot I en Espanol

By Rev. Maria Cabot

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Our Services

We offer classes, seminars and practical courses, 

Psychic readings, Tarot readings, Past life regressions, Astrology, Witchcraft

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Monday 1:00 - 7:00pm

Saturday 1:00pm - 7:00pm

If this times do not work for you, we also open by appointment.

Please email davidn418@yahoo.com or call David at 617-987-5224 for an appointment.

We are also open one hour before scheduled classes, check Events for dates.

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